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Penang, “The Pearl of the Orient” lies of the northwestern coast of Peninsular Malaysia. With a population of more than 1 million, this tropical paradise is graced with a rich multi ethnic population with Malays making up 32%, the Chinese 59% and Indians 7%.

Penang today bears the mark of an early history of successive foreign influences – from the early Hindu Civilization that took root in northern Malay to that of the Portuguese, Dutch and later the British who came to this part of the world in search of spices and stayed to participate in the lucrative trade.

Today, Penang is a popular medical travel destination for Europeans seeking tropical weather and rich cultural diversity.
Georgetown, at the northeastern tip of the island is the seat of administration and is also the commercial hub of the state. This bustling metropolitan city combines the best of east and west as seen in its fascinating collection of fine old buildings, each bearing the stamp of different foreign influences in its colorful history. Much of its charm also lies in its famous golden beaches and calm warm seas. Penang today is a resort island in full bloom - an idyllic playground for worshipers of the sun and the sea. Its multi-racial population contributes to a wealth of cultural attractions and festivals for visitors to bring home memories of happy times in Penang -- Audio Slideshow of Penang
The Destination at a Glance:
  • Island located off the northwest coast of Malaysia
  • Voted as the “most livable island on the planet” by Island Magazine in August 2007
  • English language is pervasive, being a former British colony
  • Highly favorable exchange rate against the US Dollar
  • Very multicultural population – referred to as “melting-pot” of the East
  • Popular manufacturing base for many US high-tech companies, including Dell & Intel Corp.
  • International airport conveniently linking all major cities of Southeast Asia
  • Highly advanced infrastructure
  • Popular medical tourism destination for Europeans and Australians
  • Malaysians are world-renowned for their warm, friendly, and helpful nature
  • Excellent shopping with many large indoor malls and night bazaars
  • Large selection of authentic foods from around the world
  • Cosmopolitan, but more laid back than other hustling mega-cities throughout Asia
  • Safe destination without any history of terrorism

Activities in Penang


Please be advised that you may not be able to participate in certain activities after receiving your health tourism treatment. Jungle Trekking, for example, doesn't always go hand-in-hand with heart-surgery. Your doctor will be able to advise you on the appropriate activities in which you can participate.


Malaysia has an abundance of high quality Spa’s, Beauty Salons, Hair Salons and Nail studios. The hotel concierge will be able to assist you which will be the most suitable for you and assist you in making bookings.


Malaysia is a shoppers’ paradise, with hundreds of retail establishments located throughout the city. Penang is a haven for antique lovers in search of rare bargains. The shops along Jalan Pintal Tali offer a range of antique items such as porcelain ware, chains, coins, old glass, old ceiling lamps and antique clocks. Bargaining is totally acceptable in many shops in Penang.

Jungle Trekking

Most beach hotels organize early morning treks past jungle streams and waterfalls. For the more adventurous wishing to venture out on their own, “The Nature Trails of Penang” published by the Malaysian Nature society provides a comprehensive guide on trekking in Penang.


The island of Penang is a golfers tropical paradise. There are 9 breath-taking courses on and around the Island, so if you are interested let us know beforehand and we will provide you with all the pertinent details.

Sea Sports

Beach hotels provide facilities for a host of sea sports such as sailing, windsurfing, water skiing, para-sailing, canoeing and speedboat rides. The uninhabited islands of Pulau Bidan, Pulau Telur and Pulau Song Song off Batu Ferringhi are ideal for snorkeling, scuba diving and fishing. Trips to these islands can be arranged with the hotels or local tour agents.


Malaysia offers an exciting choice of night entertainment and watering holes. These include pubs, karaoke lounges, bars, and discos. Concert and Drama performances are staged on a regular basis and are advertised in the local English language newspapers.

Eating out

The delightful variety of Malay food reflects the different cooking styles and tastes of this multi-racial population. There is a mouth-watering selection of Chinese, Malay, Indian and Nyonya cuisine to sample. Nyonya cooking consists of an exotic blend of Chinese and Malay and involves a mixture of herb and plants with onions, garlic and chili. Penang also offers a variety of fine dining experiences, both Asian and Western.

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